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About the Author

  Dr. Ranjana Asthana

MBBS; PGD (Sports Medicine), MBA (SMCM)
Medical Officer cum Associate Prof (Retd.)
LNIPE (Deemed Univ)

The author has forged the journey of almost 30 years to reach this point of honor and achievement. No words of appreciation could / can describe her amount of struggle. It been a tough challenge to carry her academics and build a remarkable career along with a bundle of family responsibilities.

She is a lady of strong determination and self commitment.

She never lost her positive attitude even in extreme adversities. At one point of time the author was suffering from acute lumber back-pain in mid nineties (95-99). It was so severe that it churned her normal life upside-down! The physical comfort was completely out of scene. Her children were running teen age where they needed the mother all time around and her professional responsibilities were also demanding. It became a major stress issue that neither she was able to provide her family nor the job.

But due to her enduring nature she could overcome this darkness. With faith in her knowledge she decided to go for alternative methods of healing rather than going for any surgery. Gradually with practical application and understanding she developed many SMTs (stress management techniques) of her own. Today she is 100% a healthy individual!

After this winning experience she has set a milestone in her professional career too. She has received invitation from the academies like BSF Tekanpur, NCC Women’s collage, and the institutions of Physical. ed. to deliver lectures on Stress management or to conduct the workshops on this subject.

Her motherly concern & counseling have filled hope in many people suffering at the level of physical or emotional illnesses.

Her personality completely depicts the real strength of a woman.


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