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PREFACE  (Basic Version)

Aging & death are natural phenomenon, but untimely functional deterioration and crippling life is not acceptable. Today almost everyone is leading a life at lesser than the half of expectancy. A new miracle of medical science is announced every day, yet the man is crying of pain & suffering. What's wrong? Was there a better healing science before? or were there no defeating diseases? Both are true. On the part of physical health man has lost his track with the Nature and on the part of mental health modern life style with cut-throat competitions has generated more & more stress-oriented disorders. Number of new diseases pop-up with equally growing harmful pharmaceuticals that treat one system harming the other. Thus, having already suffered need of the time is to wake-up.

At one point of time in mid nineties (1995 to 99), a lady, doctor by profession was suffering from a very common but severely painful condition of low-back pain (LBP) with lower limbs' weakness. An agony, merely the memory of which makes one shiver, was pragmatically managed with the help of holistic & multidimensional approach. Practical understanding of alternative healing systems made her heal not only from the ailment of physical body, but also lead her to grow and explore  the higher dimensions of life. Then onwards she could work with even better efficiency. She is none other than the author of 'Wholesome Health - A Journey from Pain to Liberation'. We find many people crippling from similar or the other chronic ailments making their life hell with no-way-out. It is important for them to wake-up with the question 'Why such diseases are not curable?

This book is not simply a presentation of literal topics, but is the reflection of the author's  life-time experiences.  She has worked in the premises - 'No one is born here to remain sick and unhappy', 'If I can overcome my health crisis in this way, why can't others do?'

Contents of the book revolve round the body, mind & emotions. Chapter 1 & 2 speak about basic information related to various dimensions of being and the effects of stress & environment on one's health. Knowledge of physical body has been used to explain the link between science & spirituality. Tracing the path of spirituality through scientific examples is an attempt to explore the connection of mankind with the Supreme. Thus, the 3rd chapter 'Our Spiritual Link' is the back-bone of the whole presentation. Next is the 'Story of Karma' that tells what we are! and why the way we are. It is followed by 'Relationship issues' that entail emotional aspects related to health & happiness. Chapters on Energy healing and the Multidimensional approach for common ailments is an attempt to strengthen the faith among the readers that spirituality is easy to understand and worth practicing for a better life. Thus, Three dimensional explanation of the subject make this book a unique combination of Science, Philosophy & Spirituality.

Message is that the expressions of physical ill-health at any point of life could be used as the medium to progress on spiritual path. Knowledge is unlimited but the Mind is a hurdle. So, the attribute of acceptance is an important pre-requisite. To get into the perfect health one needs to know the mind, then to managed it into the right direction.

Reading this book may change your outlook towards life. This may help you to get free from the painful experiences of life for today & tomorrow and to move towards the goal of positive health.

The entire presentation is with conviction that all of us are sailing in the same boat searching answers to the same questions. However, when we encounter the answer, how do we interpret, depends upon the Awareness, Knowledge, Inquisitiveness and the Ego that one holds. There are no answers to if's & buts. Experience of vastness & virtues are at your door-steps if you accept to be on the journey of Mind.

The one who reads this presentation with a critical bent of mind will miss the conceptual part of spirituality. The others who think that 'what they know is only the right knowledge' may not be able to grasp the potential opportunities of growth imbibed in the book. There is yet another group of readers with emotionally sensitive heart, when they go through such a reading, may feel puzzled, that if at all this is true then where to start from! However, such are the most potential readers to be benefited the most. They are welcome for personal interaction with the author.

Language of the book
As a common trend books are written in one language. But, this book is out of the common trends of mono-language and the design.  However, major language in the book is English, some important expressions are in Hindi as well. Realizations and expressions follow mood and state of mind, not the man-made rules or regulations. Expression of soft experiences has no translation. Hindi and English both are equally used languages of the author, so it came out like this. The same has been reflected in forward notes too. Not only this but, Swamiji being a South Indian expressed his feelings (preface) in English. While Dr. Shri Diwakar Vidyalankar having proficiency in three languages, Hindi, English & Sanskrit;  he preferred to give his forward note in Hindi. Both are the learned personality known for their knowledge of vedic literature.

While compiling, lot of temptation was there to add and edit certain thoughts at many places, but the author decided not to touch the original ones. Now after the first version of the book in the market the readers are demanding for a proper Hindi version. This may soon be prepared.

Dr, Ranjana Asthana
"Jeevan Nutan"
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