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Advanced Version

Where there is life there is evolution’ - if this is true, then it is not overwhelming to say that the book ‘Wholesome Health’ is a lively creation. Within one year of time after unveiling the first version the term 'pain' has been evolved as ‘Understanding’. Thus today after the seven years of gestation from then the title ‘A journey from pain to liberation’ is evolved as ‘Liberation through Understanding’.

"After reading every line of 'Wholesome Health: a journey from pain to liberation'  written by Dr. Asthana – I very much enjoyed and enchanted to look at the different aspects of connotations in the book. I was prompted to write a few words of appreciation and bless her. She is God gifted and experienced karmishti. Therefore, she could write absolutely her realizations. ......... I profusely thank Dr. Asthana for revealing the spiritual science in a viable language, stage by stage and chapter by chapter. She took lot of pains and made a good expedition into vedas and Taittireeya Samhita not knowing what it is. God bless her.  ..... Dr. RamJogeshwar Rao “

This is an excerpt from the words of Swamiji Shri Bandhakavi Ramajogeshwara Rao, (passed away 2013) expressing his love & appreciation after reading the primary version of  ‘Wholesome health - A journey from Pain to Liberation’.

A copy of the first version was gifted to Swamiji by Dr. Mulkraj Dass during his healing camp held at AMALPURAM (AP) in March 2009. Unlike a common reader Swamiji being learned in Vedanta had totally a different perspective towards the contents of the book. He expressed his desire to meet the author. The meeting was planned for the month of May that year. The episode of meeting with Swamiji was so awesome, not possible to explain in few lines. It was a great spiritual day of my life. He unveiled the mystery of my past-life relation with him as father and the daughter. He said "I used to teach you this knowledge then."

Swamiji blessed this book with beautiful elaborated guidelines. It is worth reading the scientific references of Vedic knowledge he made in. He proposed to place this as his foreword note to this version of ‘Wholesome Health’. However, understanding that most readers would need a background and the optimal knowledge to understand these elaborations, I felt it appropriate to included his detailed write-up in break-ups at relevant places (Chapter 3 & 7)  of  the book.

In addition to the concept of five elements explained by Swamiji, the articles of Dr. Deepak Ranade (Neuro physician - Pune) relevant to the subject of the book have been included. These and my personal writings like ‘The Essence of Soul' (आत्म तत्व की खोज), An ascending path of knowledge (ज्ञान विज्ञान के मोड़ पर’*), ‘Be a Mother’ etc, have evolved this book to the higher standards of science. I can now say that, the pains are dissolve with ever growing Understanding.

I am receiving interesting responses from the readers of the primary version of this book. Even for me repeated reading and updating the text has become all time meditation. I can now say that, the pains dissolve with ever growing Understanding.

Dr, Ranjana Asthana
"Jeevan Nutan"

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