A spiritual book for chakra balancing and meditation

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A Reiki book for spiritual healing

Readers Speak


how to meditate for reduce stress with reiki bookI had the privilege to proof-read all twelve chapters of this spiritual book and must admit that each chapter is as interesting as the previous one. Her efforts in bringing the science (theory) and art (practice) together in a unique way is commendable. I am thankful that you have sent such an informative spiritual book.

Maj. Gen. S.N. Mukherjee
Vice Chancellor
LNUPE, Gwalior


how to meditate for reduce stress with reiki bookIn her spiritual book, she has written with masterful, incisive clarity a brilliant and important guide to encourage us to be aware and accept full responsibility for our well-being at all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual and be an equal participant in our therapy, rather than passively rely only on the doctor, therapist or the healer.

Dr. Mulkraj Dass
Eminent Physicist &
Renouned Spiritual Healer


I wish you a great success in your life.

Anu Sharma
Noida, UP


I read your book, "Story of Stress" beautifully elaborated. You are so good in it and so gifted. God bless you.

Sagareeka Verma
Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)

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