A spiritual book for chakra balancing and meditation

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A spiritual book for chakra balancing and meditation
"Dedicated to those, who are suffering just because of their innocence,
and need a little spark to ignite & enlighten their own healing powers."


A spiritual book for chakra balancing and meditation
First edition of the book being inaugurated by HH Shri Pranav Pandya ji at Gwalior.

This presentation is about the spiritual aspects of one’s being and not simply about Health, fitness or dieting as it is commonly understood. (The first version of this book was published in 2008 unveiled by Dr. Pranav Pandya Ji, Chancellor of Dev Sanskruti Vishvavidyalaya Haridwar)

Man is known through his physical body, but the human in him exists as an emotional & spiritual being. Every human is bestowed with capabilities that go unrealized. To realize the self and the inner potential, one needs to venture into spirituality. He has to look within for the answers instead of roaming around to fit in those jigsaw puzzles of life and its truth. ‘Wholesome Health – A Journey from Pain to Liberation is one such book that will help to guide the seeker in right direction on how one can venture onto the spiritual path.

Humans go through plenty of health challenges in their entire life at all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Most modern forms of medicines, though heavily derived from science, tend to address only the bodily symptoms. In this process, deep rooted emotional and spiritual causes of illness remain neglected. As a consequence, the solutions are not tangible even to attain a minimum of good health. So, the scope of Positive-Health and the Wholesome-Being is left far away!

The author takes this as an opportunity to make one understand the difference between Good health, Positive health and Wholesome Health. And this book is just about that. The underlying message is that the expressions of physical ill health at any point in Life may be used as the medium to progress on a spiritual path. more

Health is an integrated state of being
at the level of Body, Mind & Emotions. Hence,
Its explanation is scientific, but the expressions are
emotional and the experiences are spiritual when rightly observed.

‘Health is our Birth Right and Healing is the Law of Nature’
Thus, by virtue of nature, all humans have the potentiality to attain
the ultimate state of Positive Health

'Wholesome Health'
Our original state of being is Wholesome.
Hurts deviate us from our original state of being.
Health is the state of immediate being on the path of healing.
Healing is the way to get back to completeness, to be Wholesome.
Experiencing the State of ‘Being’ after being Healed - The WHOLE once again

Why does body falls sick?

A Disease is nothing but the result of over-load and/or misuse of the body against the Laws of Nature. Dominated with the illogical mind we behave enforcing the body to work under or over the functional limits. This creates conflict against one’s own Natural constitution leading to Stress and abnormal physiological responses followed by the dis-comfort or dis-ease at the level of Body n Mind both. But, the mind being busy with its temporary pleasure & commitments, behave ignorant. Thus, not attended in time, the established physiological abnormalities get into pathological changes at organic level causing an ailment.

Treatment, Management n Cure

'Treatment' is the logical sequence of actions to deal with immediate symptoms of acute and sub-acute conditions. ‘management’ is the long-term strategies planed to deal with non-curable chronic diseases. However, it does not promise freedom from the ailment. A little lapse of attention may lead to remissions and exacerbations.

To achieve lasting results one needs to take a halt, to evaluate and work on the lifestyle and the mental attitude. A pause from fast-track life and the awareness towards one's own attitude creates a space for to understand the value based approach to achieve health & happiness.

'Cure' means to deal to the level of root-cause. However, the time required depends upon several other factors. It may need to attain the higher dimensions of being other than the physical health. It is the joint efforts of the doctor, therapist and the healer. Devotional participation of the healer & the healee together is the key to success. It is wiser to accept the variant modes of therapy simultaneously in combination suitable to the time.

We use energy for
Physical movements,
Mental work- thinking planning and programming.
Physiological functions - Cardio-respiratory movements,
Digestion, Metabolism, Secretions, Excretion etc.

We waste energy in
Over eating
Thinking negative
Talking unwanted

We Block the Flow of Healing Energetic
By negative Emotions and Ignorance -
Anger, Fear, Frustration,
Lust, Lack of Abundance and Over libido.

Ways to Feel Energetic
Economize and Preserve that you already have,
Avoiding mis-use,  Enrich yourself with
the Practice of Reiki & Meditation.

Mind is the cause of Man; Otherwise we could have been animals.

Mind connect your Body with the ‘Self’.
Mind works on the body through emotions.

It is an active intellect, when used intelligently.
It is the expression of wisdom, when used wisely.
It can be a chaos of emotions, when expressed illogically.
Most of the times it is nothing but a dump house of the memories.
It masters over ‘you’ and makes you work the way it wants.

But; Oh!!  These “wants”!
“wanting” is unlimited and the body has its own limits.
Existence does not allow the Nature to go beyond its limits.
So you feel exhausted and fall sick.

To feel free from distress is your birthright.
But to manage the stress is your responsibility too.

!! Tension !!
‘You’ tensed ‘Me’
I was tensed by ‘You’
You - Me / I - You
If there is no ‘I’, where will be ‘You’?
‘I’ can be ‘My’ master if not ‘Yours’.
‘We, Me, I, or You’ is nothing but the Mind only.

Ultimate goal of the Life.
A Task - Difficult for some and The Dream for others.

Need of the Time.
Easy to Understand, Easy to Practice.

Let Your Brains Breathe, and The Hearts Heal.

Rest Your Respiration, and Your ‘Self’ Kneel.
Just ‘Be’ and You are Stress Free.

Science and Spirituality have a border line difference.
The need is to identify and catch the point of transition.

Expressions of physical health at any point of time in life may be used
as the medium to progress on the path of spiritual journey.

चिकित्सा विज्ञान के पार

भौतिक रचना में समान होते हुए भी अलग अलग लोगों पर समान स्थितियों का प्रभाव इतना अलग क्यों होता हैघ् यह सवाल स्वयं ही प्रमाण है कि मानव सिर्फ उतना ही नहीं है जो हम देखते हैं। शरीर के पार मन की रचना है। श्मनश् के मौलिक गुण ही व्यक्ति को व्यक्ति.विशेष बनाते हैं। आदि काल में हमारे ऋषि मुनियों ने इस विज्ञान को न सिर्फ खोजाए मगर देखाए समझाए और अनुभव भी किया। स्वयं पर अनुभव के पश्चात ही वे गुरू कहलाये। और तबए यह गुरू.ज्ञान शिष्यों को उपलब्ध हुआ। आज का वैज्ञानिक अपनी भौतिकी की भाषा में इसे समझने की कोशिश करता है जो एक असफल प्रयास है। हर खोजी को अपने मन की उन गहराईयोंतक पहुँचना होगा जहां इन सवालों के जबाव छिपे हुये हैं।


Healing through Yoga, Meditation & Vipassana means to practice introspection followed by the inward journey. The methods of meditation may differ ranging from cleansing to celebration passing over the steps of contemplation, realizations, appreciation and thankfulness, according to the individual's need and the state of health.

Meditation and Vipassana will set you free from
any kind of stress at  any time in the life.
This needs Guides and Gurus.

 “Life is causality, not the Casualty”
It is the cause and effects that we are here as what we are today.

Life is a Business

Entire Life is a business. Success of business is evaluated in terms of outcome with respect to the cost we put in. To evaluate the success in life, calculate input in terms of Health, Relationship, Social repute and the Self-esteem V/s Outcome in terms of peace, happiness, knowledge & experience.

The saying “Time is a big Healer” stands true because, it is only with time that the man gains experiences an gets matured emotionally and develop spiritually. When we understand the laws of nature and accept to live with them we are healed.

There are four types of people in this world
Those, who are walking from the Darkness to the Darkness
Those, who are walking from the Darkness to the Light
Those, who are walking from the Light to the Darkness
Those, who are walking from the Light to the Light
 ‘Where Am I Going’!


Glimpses are the flashes of higher knowledge that almost everyone receives at some or the other times. They are the clues or the answers to our questions in life. Most people miss them either due to the lack of knowledge or in ignorance. Awareness & the power to observe makes the difference. Once you observe, then it matters how you interpret. Therefore, not only being aware, observant & readiness to catch the signals but also the right knowledge for the right interpretation is important to draw the benefits from such glimpses. Meditation strengthens the power.

‘Mystery’ is beyond ‘Miracles’
It is one step ahead of what you know.
You experience the un-known, it becomes a miracle.
‘Existence’ is still beyond,
Much more to know,
So it is mysterious.

Existence is not happy to see us sick.
So, It finds the ways through the own Creation.
Thus comes the ‘healer’ And the deserving gets healed.

Why this book?
Knowledge is the sum of experiences one earns being Spiritually aware in Life. However, when one treads on the spiritual path, he/she retreats into silence. Some wish to record the experiences verbally. The fact is that the ultimate truth is communicated only in silence. And the recorded experiences become second-hand information. But that too is important. It is helpful to kindle joy in the minds of those who are the true seekers. Sharing such knowledge is one’s spiritual responsibility towards humanity. So, the Spiritual Authors are born.

“Difficult experiences are for the personal growth. But the joy and joyous experiences are there to share for the benefits of others. This may at-least ignite the fire among those who seek the actual truth. So, something is better than nothing” - was the state of mind when this book was conceived.

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